ABB component drives are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumps or anywhere where a fixed speed motor needs to go variable speed motor. The ABB component drives meet the requirements of OEMs, machinery builders and panel builders. These drives are widely available through the ABB distribution network. The drives are easy to select and provide a range of built-in features as standard including PID control, brake chopper, fixed keypad and speed control potentiometer.

  • Worldwide availability through logistical distributors.
  • User-friendly LCD control panel and integrated potentiometer.
  • Flexible mounting alternatives
  • PID control
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Built-in brake chopper
  • Flash Drop tool for fast drive commissioning.



ABB general machinery drives are designed to be the fastest drives to install, parameter-set and commission. They are highly compact and cost effective. Equipped with cutting edge intelligence and safety capability the drives are designed specifically to meet the production and performance needs of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications.

High protection class drive
A range of ABB general machinery drives with IP66, IP67 and UL Type 4X protection classes is designed to excel in the harshest and most demanding of conditions. Designed for the food and beverage, textile, ceramics, pulp and paper and water and waste water industries, the drives are suitable for screws, mixers, pumps, fans and conveyers especially where the machine is exposed to dust, moisture and cleaning chemicals. The heat sink’s cooling fins are completely open from top to bottom, which allows easy washing to ensure no dirt adheres to the surfaces. A user control panel housed within a plastic window is designed to resist moist and dusty atmospheres. Furthermore, the cooling fan is located inside the drive, thereby eliminating the need for an external cooling fan and the subsequent maintenance of external moving parts. The wall mounted drive can be located close to the process and the operator. The drive features the assistant control panel as standard. The drive’s hygienic design and use of materials meeting current hygiene standards, means that the drive traps no bacteria and can withstand frequent washing. The drive is certified by NSF.

ABB general machinery drives are designed to meet the requirements of an extensive range of machinery applications. The drives are ideal for food and beverage, material handling, lifting, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking applications.

  • Exceptionally compact drives and uniform design.
  • Quick commissioning with application macros and panel assistants
  • Safe Torque-Off function (SIL3 ) as standard
  • Sensor less vector control
  • Built-in braking chopper
  • High protection class variants for harsh environments



ABB ACS510 is an adjustable frequency AC drive that achieves the ultimate in flexible motor control performance. With drives ranging from 1.0 to 500 HP (0.75 to 355 kW), ABB ACS510 series features an 'intuitively obvious' multi-lingual, full graphic display panel that also provides assistance to aid users in start-up, maintenance, and diagnostics. The control panel can be mounted on the cover of the drive, or remotely, and can upload, store, and download parameters.

  • Advanced control panel permitting intuitive operation
  • Patented swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
  • Built-in Modbus and numerous internally mountable field bus adapters
  • Applications: (include, but are not limited to)
  • Air Handling Unit
  • Chilled Water Pump
  • Cooling Towers
  • Compressor
  • Cooling Tower Fan
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Booster pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Supply and return fans



ABB standard drives are simple to buy, install, configure and use, saving considerable time. They are widely available through ABB channel partners, hence the use of the term standard. The drives have common user and process interfaces with field buses, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance and common spare parts.

ABB standard drives can be used in a wide range of industries. Typical applications include pump, fan and constant torque use, such as conveyors. ABB standard drives are ideal in those situations where there is a need for simplicity to install, commission and use and where customizing or special product engineering is not required.

  • Flash Drop tool
  • Intuitive use with assistant control panel
  • Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
  • Vector control
  • Coated boards for harsh environments
  • Built-in category C2 EMC filter (1st environment) as standard
  • Flexible field bus system with built-in Modbus and numerous internally mountable field bus adapters
  • UL, CUL, CE, C-Tick and GOST R approved
  • ROHS compliant



Ultimate flexibility - ACS800-04M variant with frame sizes R7 and R8
The ACS800-04M is similar in many respects to the frame size R7 and R8 ACS800-04, but it has even more variants available. For this reason the configuration rules are also different. In addition to the normal bookshelf mounting, the ACS800-04M also offers flat sideways) mounting as an alternative for installations where the available depth inside the cabinet is limited. In frame size R7 the ACS800-04M also offers a version where the motor connections are from the bottom of the module. This makes it possible to use a narrower cabinet in some installations.

In addition to the normal IP00 enclosure, the ACS800-04M offers also IP20 as an option for some mounting variants. Safe torque-off (complies with the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) is also available as option.

High ratings - frame sizes D4 to n*D4 supply side and n*R8i inverter units
The supply module structure is designed to be either 6-pulse or 12-pulse. The control unit and I/O connections can be located in the most optimal place in the cabinet as they are in a separate unit. The power range for these higher rated ACS800-04 packages is from 400 to 1900 kW, and the voltage range is from 380 to 690 V.

Main standard hardware features:

  • Optimized design for cabinet assembly
  • Easy access to power terminals
  • Compact design
  • Side by side mounting (excl. versions with side exit)
  • Harmonic filtering choke inside
  • Long lifetime cooling fan and capacitors
  • Extensive, programmable I/O with galvanically isolated inputs



ABB machinery drives are designed to meet the production and performance needs of machine builders, system integrators, panel builders and end users in a broad range of applications. ACS850 drives are ideal for applications like cranes, extruders, winches, conveyors, winders, pumps, fans and mixers in industries such as material handling, plastic and rubber, food and beverage, textile and metals.

The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of these industries, as order-based configuration is an integral part of the offering. Covering a wide power and voltage range with standard and optional features, the drives are readily programmable, making their adaptation to different applications easy.

Wide Range of Options
ACS850 drives offer a wide range of built-in options such as different I/O and communications. A wide selection of external accessories is also available. The flexibility and programmability of the drives make them suitable for many applications in different areas of Industry.

Robust Design
The current ratings of ABB machinery drives are designed for applications that have a high overload requirement. At the heart of the drive is the motor control platform, direct torque control (DTC) that provides accurate motor torque and speed control even without feedback. The drive is designed for a long working life and as such, parts like fans and capacitors are selected to maximize their lifetime. This, together with the extensive protection features and design details such as coated boards, results in excellent reliability for the demanding industrial market.

Optimized Cabinet Assembly
ACS850 drives are designed to be built into a customer’s own cabinet, using minimal cabinet space while ensuring that cabinet assembly is as easy as possible. The drives can be mounted side-by-side and cabinet assembly documentation is included. The documentation gives examples of different cabinet configurations, examples of drawings and hints on the selection of auxiliary equipment