AC500 is the PLC of choice when scalability, flexibility, performance, integration and communication are mandatory. Numerous I/O modules carefully specified powerful CPUs and real-time communication couplers provide the basis.

The pre-wiring concept is not only the electrician´s convenient, safe way to build a PLC system. It gives PLC operators the option to increase performance by simply interchanging modules. Upgrading CPU modules lets operators increase the processing performance while other PLC parts remain untouched.

Only pay what is required today - and be sure to easily upgrade the required performance when it is time for more!

Memory AC500 offers much more memory than most competing products. More memory allows more PLC functionality, more precise algorithms, more meaningful visualization, more operating comfort – for even better individual customer solutions.

AC500 is one of the fastest PLCs on the market. This can be experienced when programming, running precise calculations, transferring data, serving the I/Os and presenting web server contents.

Networking There are numerous communication possibilities which can be integrated into various combinations, forming great network nodes from smallest to largest systems.

  • Ethernet.
  • EtherCAT
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus serial
  • Serial
  • ABB CS31
  • Wireless Interface